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“Knowing nothing about the camera, but AUTO. I can say I now know what all these wheels, settings, and buttons do. I need more training, but can get out there and shoot scenes.”  - Rosie Braun, (NJ)

“This was probably the most structured well organized and taught class I have attended.”  - Tyson Cox (CO)

“This course puts everyone on an even playing field right from the start. Anyone with any level of photography will definitely benefit from this course. Even with my little knowledge of photography I didn’t feel lost and ended up feeling confident.” - Allison Pavlosky, (NJ)

“Both instructors exceeded my expectation. Their knowledge level is obvious. Extremely good in explaining difficult subjects. I wish I could spend a lot more time with instructors.”  - Lt. Ted G. Meador, Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office (CO)

“Training and instructor were outstanding. I gained a great deal of practical information that I will certainly be able to apply in casework at my agency.”  - Raffaella Vastola, Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office (NJ)

“This class helped me understand the camera/flash and functions of the camera. This class will greatly benefit me as a crime scene detective.”  - Christopher DiRocco (NJ)

“Gained a lot of new info over the week, very helpful. Thank you.”  - Det. Dough Laird, Morris County Sheriff’s Office (NJ)

“I feel more confident in being able to use the manual mode instead of automatic. The fill flash techniques are going to help greatly in our crime scene photographs. Thank you for a great class.”  - Laura Flynn (NJ)

“Took me from knowing nothing about cameras and photography to feeling confident with both these subjects.”  - Josh Newman (CO)

“Very good course. Great knowledgeable instructors.”  - Buck Woodman (CO)

“John is an excellent instructor. Full of practical knowledge.”  - Charles Kranz, Wharton Police Department (NJ)

“Instructors are very knowledgeable in this field. I have learned more in [this class] than in any other photography class.”  - Tony Blevins (CO)

“It was very educational and well presented. Both instructors were very well educated in the subjects.”  - Bryce Queen (CO)

Other participants wrote:

“Great job!”

“Outstanding instructor presented content in a logical and easy to understand manner.”

“[The instructors] did a great job teaching and explaining in great detail how cameras work. I’ve had other photo classes and feel I got the most out of this one.”