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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Host Requirements PDF Print E-mail

The host agency will receive 3 free registrations as well as a bloodstain pattern analysis kit when they are able to meet the following requirements:

  • 18 - 21 fully paid registrations from any law enforcement agency (marketing materials provided)
  • 1 classroom that can accommodate up t 25 participants for lecture style instruction including LCD projector and screen
  • Access to a "laboratory" or experiment room to perform bloodstain experiments.  The experiments that take place in the “lab” will be conducted as neatly as possible, with stains being limited to poster board and butcher paper.  A large, empty room, preferably one with tile floors as opposed to carpet is ideal.  This area will be cleaned following the course.
  • A structurally sound house or building to create mock crime scenes.  As part of the mock scene, the instructors will create bloodstains on floors, ceilings, walls, cabinets, etc.  A large house or other structure that is scheduled to be razed is ideal as this space will not be cleaned following the course.
  • Access to a firing range or other location that is safe for live fire demonstration. (Half day)
  • 1 person from local jurisdiction to provide a variety of weapons and ammunition for live-fire demonstration. (Half day)

All other training materials, workbooks, exemplars, computers and supplies will be provided by Forensic Training Source, LLC.

Email Forensic Training Source to schedule a course today.