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You’ve waited and it is FINALLY HERE!  Ask us about our new ADVANCED SHOOTING INCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION course!!!

Forensic Training Source, LLC provides the highest level of hands-on, practical training to forensic practitioners within the law enforcement community.  FTS delivers an interactive, dynamic learning experience that goes far beyond a regular classroom.

Why Forensic Training Source?

Forensic Training Source maintains an extensive network of experts and practitioners in a wide range of forensic disciplines. Not only will participants learn from nationally recognized forensic experts but they will also have an opportunity to observe and practice cutting edge techniques. Whether instructing through live-fire demonstrations, mock crime scenes or in the classroom, Forensic Training Source provides each participant with the ability to better serve the community where they work.

Free Training

Forensic Training Source works closely with law enforcement agencies and educational institutions that are able to provide training facilities and assistance with course logistics. Hosting agencies are eligible for up to three free registrations to the course that they host.  Learn more about how your agency can receive free training by hosting the course of your choice.

Opportunity for Forensic Experts and Trainers

If you have already developed a high quality forensic or general law enforcement training course, let Forensic Training Source help.  We can support you by managing all of your registrations and payment collections,  by providing full management and on-site logistics and all things in between.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help.  Wouldn't it be great to just show up to teach and not have to worry about all the details?